Province's Leadership engages with delegation from Yeodong district, Chungcheobuk province, South Korea

On the morning of August 4th, Mr. Nguyen Quynh Thien, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, welcomed and held discussions with a delegation from Yeodong District, Chungcheobuk Province, South Korea, led by Mr. Jeong Young Chul, the district head of Yeodong.

Scene at the Working Session

During the working session, Vice Chairman Nguyen Quynh Thien highlighted the province's notable achievements in human resource development, investment attraction, tourism, and cultural endeavors. He also emphasized the enduring partnership with South Korea as a dependable ally, a nation showcasing stable socio-economic progress. Yeodong District in Chungcheobuk Province is a noteworthy destination for many Vietnamese workers as well.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Quynh Thien Speaking at the Working Session

Vice Chairman Nguyen Quynh Thien expressed the desire to establish connections that would facilitate short-term employment opportunities for Tra Vinh's labor force in Yeodong District through a mutually agreed Memorandum of Understanding. He assured that the province would closely collaborate with Yeodong District in selecting and recruiting skilled local workers, who have been adequately trained and can seamlessly adapt to the Korean lifestyle and work environment, thereby fulfilling their commitments during their employment in Korea.

Mr. Jeong Young Chul, District Head of Yeodong, Speaking at the Working Session

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Jeong Young Chul, District Head of Yeodong District, briefly introduced the area's agricultural sector and its traditional festivals. He conveyed his gratitude for the warm reception provided by Tra Vinh's leadership and extended an invitation to the Provincial People's Committee, various departments, branches, and related entities to visit Yeodong District. He hoped that this meeting would foster increased cooperation between Yeodong District and Tra Vinh Province in diverse sectors such as tourism, culture, human resource development, and labor export.

Ngan Linh

Hoang Khiem (translator)


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