Xuan Thanh wine village

Xuan Thanh wine village at Xuan Thanh commune, Chau Thanh district, is recognized basing on Decision No. 1671/QĐ-UBND dated on October 18, 2011 of Tra Vinh province People’s Committee. 

Xuan Thanh wine was first made in 1962 by a person whose last name was Ha at Xuan Thanh hamlet, Hoa Thuan commune, Chau Thanh district. 

In French domination period, French soldiers mopped up Xuan Thanh village. They discovered wine bottle in bushes. After that, they came to Xuan Thanh village to drink wine and called it Xuan Thanh wine. 

The process of Xuan Thanh wine is rather simple, but if a person is not Xuan Thanh village resident and does not have enough experience, he cannot produce Xuan Thanh wine with high alcoholic strength and smell. Sticky rice is cooked. When it is still warm, it is mixed with 14 kinds of wine ferment, 48 types of mold and 35 types of yeast, and brewed in 3 days. After that people pour water (water from well at Xuan Thanh village) into fermented rice jar and brewed for 3 days to distil. 

During the time of distilling, fire must be enough to ensure wine concentration and taste. There 3 main types of Xuan Thanh wine: white Xuan Thanh wine (from wine sticky rice) with alcoholic strength of 50-55 abv, Lao Tuu Xuan Thanh (from purple sticky rice) with alcoholic strength of 20-29 abv, and Banana Wine (from banana and white sticky rice) with alcoholic strength of 29-40 abv. Despite of different alcoholic strength, all of them have sweet smelling. 

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