National Assembly's Oversight Delegation Engages with Provincial People's Committee on implementation of national target programs

On the afternoon of July 18th, the National Assembly's oversight delegation, led by Y Thanh Ha Nie Kdam, member of the Party Central Committee and Chairman of the National Assembly's Ethnic Council, held a working session with the Provincial People's Committee to discuss the implementation of the National Target Programs (NTP).

Working scene

During the meeting, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Le Van Han, and Vice Chairman Nguyen Trung Hoang, along with other provincial and local leaders, met and worked with the delegation.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Trung Hoang reported to the delegation that the implementation of the NTPs in the province has been receiving close attention and timely direction from the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, and Provincial People's Committee. Coordination work at all levels, branches, and localities has also been effective. For the period 2021-2025, the province has been allocated over 882.8 billion VND of central budget capital for the implementation of three NTPs, with a corresponding provincial budget of 550 billion VND. As of June 30, 2023, the province has disbursed 246.5 billion VND out of 783.9 billion VND from the central budget, reaching 31.45% of the allocated funds.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Trung Hoang, reporting at the working session.

Regarding the National Target Program on New Rural Development (NTM), the province has achieved significant progress, with 8 out of 9 district-level units meeting the standard and completing the task of building new rural areas. Additionally, 85 out of 85 communes meet the standard of new rural areas, while 38 communes have reached the advanced level. As for the cultural hamlet and new rural hamlet standards, 636 out of 640 hamlets have met the requirements, reaching an impressive rate of 99.38%.

In terms of the NTP on sustainable poverty reduction, according to the multi-dimensional poverty line, the province managed to reduce 4,803 households, amounting to a 1.68% reduction in the poverty rate compared to the previous year. Furthermore, 6,310 near-poor households have also seen a reduction of 2.20% during the same period.

Regarding the implementation of the NTP on socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, the province managed to reduce 1.31% of poor households (equivalent to a reduction of 2,218 households) that had not met the target assigned by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 653/QD-TTg dated May 28, 2022. However, two communes (Nghia Xuyen and Ham Giang, Tra Cu district) and two hamlets (OkaDa hamlet, Phuoc Hao commune, Chau Thanh district and Tra Cu C hamlet, Kim Son commune, Tra Cu district) successfully moved out of the extremely difficult areas, achieving 100% of the plan for 2022.

At the working session, members of the Oversight Delegation and provincial leaders discussed several issues, including the low disbursement rate, delays in issuing some documents, and challenges related to integrating capital sources for NTP implementation. Additionally, they addressed training for program staff, the rate of skilled workers, and the need for closer coordination between departments and sectors. The meeting concluded with a focus on solutions to remove obstacles and accelerate the implementation of programs and projects under the three NTPs in the province.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Le Van Han, addressing and acknowledging the opinions of the Oversight Delegation.

Chairman Le Van Han expressed his commitment to accelerate the disbursement of funds for the NTPs and emphasized the importance of effective and sustainable program implementation. He also highlighted the need for thorough propaganda to create public support for the NTPs. Chairman Han assured the delegation that the province will address the concerns raised and provide the required reports promptly.

Chairman of the National Assembly's Ethnic Council, Y Thanh Ha Nie Kdam, delivering a speech at the working session.

In conclusion, Chairman Y Thanh Ha Nie Kdam of the National Assembly's Ethnic Council acknowledged the challenges faced and highly appreciated the efforts and achievements made by Tra Vinh province in implementing the NTPs. He recommended that the province continue to review and improve mechanisms, policies, and documents related to NTP management and administration. Furthermore, he urged the province to expedite the allocation and disbursement of projects under the program and promote coordination among all agencies and units involved in NTP implementation. Additionally, he suggested implementing a review and reward mechanism to encourage all segments of the population and the political system to work towards the goals of the programs.

Truc Phuong

Hoang Khiem (translator)


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