Tra Cu: Online application rate reaches 68%

Thanks to the implementation of the “Digital Transformation Thursday” initiative, in the first six months of 2023, Tra Cu district has experienced a rapid increase in the rate of online applications, reaching 68% of the total records received in the system.

The working group is currently providing guidance to the citizens

According to the district's report, the online application rate accounted for 68% of the total records received (of which partial submissions were 66.5% and complete submissions were 1.5%). All communes have seen online applications, with some, such as Dinh An town, Tra Cu town, Ham Giang commune, and Tan Hiep commune, achieving over 90% of online submissions.

To achieve these promising results, the district has introduced the "Digital Transformation Thursday" model, establishing a support team to guide citizens in utilizing online public services. Each week, on Thursdays, members of the support team are deployed to reception and response departments in the communes to promote, guide, and assist citizens in submitting online applications. Over the course of two months, the rate of online application processing has increased by more than 50% compared to the same period in the past.

In the coming time, Tra Cu district will continue to maintain the "Digital Transformation Thursday" model, while also conducting regular evaluations to draw lessons, enhance and replicate the model, and further explore effective measures to continually improve the rate of online applications throughout the district.

Truyen Nguyen

Hoang Khiem (translator)


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